Quality is without doubt the most important value in Elvi: the reliability of a DC motor or of a gear motor is essential for the company who purchases it and mounts it in its application, and so are low noise and self-locking for specific applications. Year after year, the constant quality of the electric motors supplied by Elvi has convinced more and more companies of the high production accuracy.

Quality of the Electric Motors

Quality is researched by Elvi during the whole production cycle of the electric motors: from the selection of the suppliers for each single component of the motor, to the automation of the equipment till the life tests on the product. This is the only way to offer on the market electric motors with the best long-term performance possible. Elvi's suppliers are selected following the criteria of reliability and a competitive flexibility.

Production flexibility

Long-term cooperation with suppliers convert into production continuity and flexibility, even when it were necessary to satisfy special request.

The automation of production and the experience in designing special project-based motors reduce to a minimum possible human mistakes or imperfections of the final motor. A series of tests guarantees the correct functioning and the reliability of the motor put under application load over time.

The experience in designing and the managing philosophy of production gained in Elvi allow to realize also non-standard motors and gear motors inside the production cycle of the electric motors maintaining all the while the reliability of the processes and of the product.


There are no interventions necessary for the maintenance of the direct current electric motors produced by Elvi. The lubricants, present in components such as gears, bearings and bushings, resist for the entire life of the engine. Life which, in reality, is limited only by the duration of the brushes and the collector.

Elvi offers full availability to carry out analyzes to verify the cause of the problem: if there has been an improper use of the engine or if a problem has occurred on one of the components.