Elvi’s production of electric motors stands out for the product's reliability and for the production flexibility.

The creation of an automated but flexible assembly system makes Elvi the right partner to face any challenge regarding the production of electric motors because it can guarantee:

  • a vast range of standard motors and gear motors
  • alternatives to standard motors and gear motors (shafts, cables…)
  • the availability to realize project-based special motors
  • productive capacity
  • standard and specific process controls

The production of electric motors entails different phases, all fundamental to quickly get on the market with an electric motor with high and constant performances over time.


Permanent magnet direct current motors, thanks to their infinite uses, ease of use and low costs, have always represented the best solutions in many sectors. The electric motors produced by Elvi find application in different industrial sectors and for ever new uses. They represent the best solution to move ideas efficiently and compactly.

Thanks to its great capacity and production flexibility, Elvi supplies leaders in the sector by making DC motors for the following applications: medical sector, opening systems, office furniture and many others.

Selected suppliers

Whether we are dealing with a standard electric motor with changes or a project-based special motor, the production of an Elvi electric motor starts with the selection of the suppliers.

The variety of the range of motors and gear motors and the high production mix have lead Elvi to select suppliers with the same business philosophy. Elvi’s suppliers are committed partners and are decisive for the final result.

Automated production

The assembly is a fundamental passage of the production of a motor or a gear motor. This is why Elvi has decided over time to take the production towards the maximum automation possible, but maintaining at the same time an essential human contribution in special processes.

The automation has the double purpose of reducing human mistakes and speeding up production times. The personalization and the productive flexibility are proficiently integrated into the automated production cycle in order to always guarantee the highest quality of the product.

Life tests

Elvi possesses a lab where to run life tests on the electric motor.

The life test allows to verify the adequacy of the motor in connection with the application over time, both from the electrical and the mechanical point of view. The application versatility of the DC electric motors implies applications with load or environmental conditions which can also be quite extreme or, in any case, very different for each application.